April, 2013

Josi Valentine’s Day

  Anyone who is a fan of Claire Adams knows she is the real stuff. No one rigger has the mastery she does. She knows how to quietly and adepty trap girls in crazy positions. This isn’t yoga, this is some bone-breaking flexibility tests for slaves. If Josi survives, she’ll have the bragging rights of […]

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Fire Engine Slave

  Orlando really knows how to put trainees into uncomfortable positions. He puts clothespins or chains or ropes on almost every single part of Marie McCray’s skin. Her beautiful white skin and bright naturally red hair is amazing to watch. Let’s see if she catches fire from pain! The girl on fire!

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Breaking Juliette March

  Juliette March is petite which makes us almost feel badly for her, but not for long. The devices that he’s placed in by Claire Adams is mind boggling and hot to watch. Chains, clothespins, devices, spread eagle; Juliette is a well-known sub but in this video, she may have bitten off more than she […]

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Welcome to Hollywood

Ash Hollywood is a really tenacious little sub and it shows. Claire puts her through the paces in this Device Bondage update with her flogging and restraints. You wouldn’t think that a body could do what Ash’s does, bent over devices like laundry on a line; she is flexible and Claire aims to test those […]

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