March, 2010

Stuck without move

Today, this pretty, tiny ball of sex is back, but not quite so ready for what is in store for her.  She never expected to cum so often and and so hard as we made her cum. This is the beginning of her end. She gets bent back, she can see little of what done […]

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Nasty pins

The 19 year old Katie is spread wide open to the ground, Seda to the wall. Heavy clothespins are are zipped up and down Seda’s vibrating body. The test is simple; if Katie cums, Seda screams in pain as we brutally rip the pins off her body! How long will it take us to make […]

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MILF’s pleasure

Alia is finding she likes bondage, torture and punishment. She likes being helpless, she loves being made to have many orgasms. We bind Alia’s massive breasts hard with heavy rubber bands, then we bind them together in a painful pressure tie. Trust us, every second she is feeling her tits throb with pain. We flog […]

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Orgasms without control

Tia can NOT control her orgasms. Her body betrays her; her body and mind is not taugh enough to fight them off. But worst off all, after the first one, they get more and more intense to the point of physical punishment. We make Tia cum until we think she is going to break. She […]

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Two beauties

Well here is something you don’t see every day. Two beauties that can continue to cum their brains out, while they are tied and made to cum until – well you get it. Rain is bound above, finger banged and vibrated to heaps of wet cums. Fingers go in, and then out sprays clear tasteless, […]

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Surprise surprise

This slut is no longer as confident, she is humiliated, and she becomes more submissive as she have lost her greatest weapon. She is helpless, her legs are wide open and deprived of most sight and sound. So the cane comes out and the screaming starts, the flogger hits shaved cunt. In other words she […]

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Tested her…

We need to see how this girl deals with bondage, torture, punishment and how sensitive her nipples are; is she ticklish, can she cum or even have multiple orgasms? Well, this first scene answered a lot of questions. You can’t go too fast or you can break your new toy. In the end this sexy […]

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Beautiful torture

Now this is something you don’t see every day, this position in itself is torture on a lovely level. The arch, the strain of the back, victim has no power at all. The huge tits exposed, nipples peering out and streching, clamped and weighted. This is suffer in its most attractive form. No hope for […]

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Big tits and hot cum

There’s nothing like a big set of tits to start off your day off, and these bad boys are huge. We bend Katie back, bind her breasts up tight, and stick one of our best machines (Alpha) into her wet cunt. We then lube up those honking big tits and give them a good work […]

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Live show

Both girls on a bench, wide open. We flog their helpless shaved pussies, we flog their tits, we torture their nipples, we cane them, we make them cum over and over and we do all this over and over! No breaks, no let ups, no excuse. When they both think thats enough we give them […]

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